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Big Dog Hash

RIP: Willian Benjamin Wojtas 'Rear Loader'
May 12, 1969  -  July 17, 2020

the founder of the Big Dog Hash,
heart attack while riding a bike.

Here's to Rear Loader, he's Red White and Blue
He founded the Big Dog Hash for me and you.
He was a piss pot so they say.
But he's now hashing in Heaven, it was a long long way.

What: Big Dog Hash #203

9/11/2021, 2:00PM

Hare: Its Too Soft

Where: 933 W. Wolfram

How Much: $6

Why: It is 9/11 20th anniversary. If you don't know what that is, look it up. Meanwhile, all of you Americans, lets get on some RW&B and actually run trail in remembrance of what happened and to those that lost their lives that day.


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